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Name: Karrin Murphy
Canon: The Dresden Files
Age: 15
Demigod/Hunter/Satyr/Nymph: Ragnarokked Norse God - Brynhildr
Demigod abilities:
Being the incarnation of Brynhildr, Karrin will be coming into camp with the ability to use any weapon she is given. This is on top of her own skill in hand-to-hand combat since she started learning martial arts at a young age. While she doesn't necessarily have enough eitr to use any of her other abilities just yet, she has shown signs of the berserker mode when in true mortal peril.

More abilities might present themselves as she gains more eitr or possibly just experience.

Personality: The first thing anyone will say about Karrin is that she is stubborn. Once Karrin has her mind set on something she is never going to budge on it. Karrin is also very serious when it comes to most things: school, family, etc. This can make it a little difficult to make friends sometimes, but that is more likely due to trust issues. She has a good sense of humor though, often relying on sarcasm and dry wit.

Karrin is a very tough female and has been since her early-teens. She can be extremely quick to irritate, especially if you cross her or press her buttons (like being a chauvinistic “pig”). Karrin has a difficult time trusting others because of her own inner emotional baggage: issues with her mother concerning her passion for martial arts and life style and scars from her father's suicide. Karrin has a lot of admiration for her father who worked for law enforcement. She hardly ever shows any emotional weakness because she feels that can be used against her to bring her down. She will also not back down from a fight or in helping those in need, it is part of her protective nature and partially a desire to prove herself. This can make her seem a little hot-headed at times and partially confrontational.

Karrin has a lot of emotional baggage and this makes it difficult for her to trust or even rely on others without them proving themselves to her. Not only has this effected her friendship but it has made it difficult for her to pursue any sort of romance. She'll flirt and have things "just for fun" but she is not really into the whole "exclusive boyfriend" thing. The real problem here is that she is quick to get into relationships, sometimes confusing desire for love. Her stubbornness also gets her into trouble at times and often hurt physically or emotionally. She doesn't see this necessarily as a bad thing, just another way to become stronger. Besides, it was her choice to be stubborn.

Despite her brash behavior at times, Karrin is a pretty mature person. It takes a lot to get her to "loosen up" or relax around someone. Once you're her friend though, expect her to be extremely protective of you and come to your aid whenever you need her. In fact, expect her to be there whether you want her to be or not. She has this thing where she'll ignore you if she thinks it's for the best.

AU History:
Karrin Murphy is the oldest child born to Collin and Marion Murphy and she has two brothers and one sister. Karrin’s interest in law enforcement stems from her respect and love for her father, Collin, who was a senior detective in the Chicago PD, covering a lot of cases involving 'unexplained' or 'unsolved' components (demigods, gods, or monsters anyone?). Karrin had your typical childhood and was a pretty rough and tumble girl (preferring to scrape her knees and play tag as opposed to playing Barbies or cook with an Easy Bake Oven, much to her mother's disappointment). Her happy childhood changed for the worse, however, when she was about 11 and her father committed suicide. This came as a shock to young Karrin and the small girl could not understand how someone like her father could do something like that. There was no real explanation for it and no closure for Karrin who had looked up to her father so much.

This furthered the rift between herself and her mother as Karrin started spending more time out of the house and away from reminders of her father. Although, she didn't stop attending martial arts class. It was something her father had gotten her into only a year before his death and Karrin had taken to it like a fish to water. Being able to hit things and throw people around really helped Karrin work her way through her father's suicide.

While Karrin had a terrible time adjusting in middle school (since of course people found out about her father's suicide), she excelled in high school. She made friends again and actually started dating a bit. Nothing serious, but the fact that she was actually hanging out with boys again seemed to please her mom. She didn't tell her mother that she was seriously considering following her father's footsteps into law enforcement once she graduated (even though that was still years away). But, for the most part, the bonds between mother and daughter were starting to heal.

Karrin still isn't sure how she's going to make the career of law enforcement work given how her life has changed. It all happened one Saturday after one of her sword-play lessons. She'd really gotten a knack for it and was even showing up her instructor some out on the mat. On her way home from practice she was assaulted by a very large man, at least, she thought it was a man at first. Later she would learn that the 8 foot tall, hairy, smelly thing was actually a troll. Karrin used what training she had to take the thing on, somehow knowing that if she got pulled under the bridge it would all be over. She finally managed to fight free of it and made a run for home, baffled by the thing cursing after her in a foreign language.

When she got home her mother was sitting in the kitchen having tea with a strange woman, Hera. Hera explained Karrin's past life to her and her mother. At first Karrin was out raged that her mother was listening to this crazy woman, even if deep down what she was saying resonated with Karrin in some way. She probably would have dismissed it entirely...except that Karrin's mother believed her. Not only that, but the crazy woman seemed to know about her encounter with the troll. How could she have known when Karrin hadn't even brought it up yet? Karrin then found out something more shocking than her past as a goddess. Collin, her father, had actually encountered some of the monsters and demigods that should have been invisible to him, given his status as a mortal, and that a lot of his cases were "unexplained" because of this. Marion had known this and kept it from Karrin, but it was what made her believe Hera's story in the first place, she'd heard such strange things before.

What was probably more surprising was that her mother encouraged her to go. Karrin couldn't help but feel that Hera had bewitched or tricked her mother in some way and remains suspicious of the goddess to this day. However, she did leave for camp, wanting answers and perhaps thinking it would lead to a REAL reason her father had died all those years ago now that she knew monsters were real.

Counselor: N/A

Iris Message:
I never thought I was dependent on technology until I had to leave it all behind. Now I have to get used to talking through a rainbow I guess.

[Karrin's frowning at it skeptically like she can't believe she's sitting here, spraying the air with a water bottle and talking into the rainbow. Obviously she thinks this is a bit ridiculous.]

But, whatever, I just got in yesterday. I'm Karrin Murphy, I'm from Chicago, and I guess I'm here to learn about being a former goddess or something. Not sure I really want that if it entails becoming anything like the woman that showed up at my house, but I guess I don't get much choice in the matter.

[Who could she possibly be talking about? It's a mystery. She doesn't sound happy about being away from home either, but at least she's relatively calm about it. Or maybe she just hasn't fully accepted it yet.]

Oh well, what's this I hear about combat training?

Third Person Log:
Karrin felt unsure about this. She'd been invited to archery practice with the Apollo kids and knew she was going to look stupid because she'd never held a bow in her life. She'd held a gun, she felt comfortable with handguns thanks to her father, but bows? Seriously? She just hated being made to look like a fool, but she also wasn't going to turn down a challenge.

She took a deep breath and pulled her long, blonde hair back into a ponytail. Besides, she'd been trying to find out more about this Brynhildr character and one of the things she'd learned was her mastery at any weapon. This was going to be her best opportunity to try out what abilities she actually had, especially since she was still doubtful about some of this godly business.

"You're up next Murphy," a voice called out to her, one of the Apollo girls was holding out a bow to her. Karrin crossed over, striding with her head held high to hide her insecurities. Never let them see you sweat, never show weakness. She'd learned that fairly quickly in middle school and she wasn't about to show any of her fears here.

She took the bow and was surprised by how her hands seemed to automatically fit into the right position. Karrin lost the sense of herself for a moment as she turned to pick up and arrow. She was somewhat aware of the girl from Apollo trying to tell her something about positioning her hand and aiming to adjust for the wind, but Karrin was in the zone. The arrows seemed to snap into place and before she knew it she was drawing back on the string and letting the arrow fly.

The Apollo kids gasped and it was then that Karrin realized she had actually done all of that in the span of a few seconds. Her eyes refocused and she realized a second thing: she'd hit a bullseye. Karrin stared at it for a second before grabbing a second arrow. It could be an anomaly for all she knew. Just a freak accident. She fired another arrow and it flew straight for the target again, hitting in the center.

Instead of looking excited, Karrin's frown only deepened. She snatched up a third arrow. Three times. There was no way it could be a fluke three times in a row, hadn't she learned that somewhere in science class? The more times you tested something the more accurate it was. Well, Karrin was going to shoot again. She pulled back to bow string, letting her breath out halfway like she would if she were firing a gun, and let the arrow fly.

It hit, again, in the middle of the target. Karrin could feel all of the Apollo kids staring at her but she didn't care. She stared at her hands holding the bow. She really was something else, wasn't she? There was no way she should have been able to hit dead center three times as a newbie. But there were three arrows at the other end of the field saying otherwise.

She snapped her head to the Apollo girl who was staring at her with a gaping mouth, "Get me more arrows."

The girl closed her mouth with a quick snap and selected more arrows. She could hear the other Apollo kids muttering behind her back but she didn't care. Karrin was focused on her weapon now and she was going to see just how far she could push this luck or was it really skill? Only one way to find out. Karrin took the quiver that the girl handed her and slung it on her back. She pulled out another arrow, strung the bow, and let one fly.


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